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Liberty Survives F4 Tornado!

  • On February 5, 2008 an F4 tornado hit Jackson, Tennessee. Everything that Shane Woodson had in his house was destroyed except for one thing-the valuables inside his Liberty Safe!
  • The forces of wind were so strong that his safe, bolted to the floor, was lifted and thrown 200 feet! The safe landed upright and his valuables inside were protected.
  • It's no wonder Mr. Woodson said: "You guys make one tough safe!"

Click on the VIDEO LINK to see his story and him standing next to his safe just after the storm!

Shane Woodson is alive and well (August 6, 2011 email)...

"Hey guys, this is Shane Woodson, who's safe was in the tornado. I want you to know that I still use it every day for keys, guns, ammo...everything. I have to get in it at least once a day and it's never given me a problem. I may get a bigger one soon for my house and put that one in my cabin. You can bet it will be a Liberty. Just thought I'd touch base. I lost contact with you after the storm rebuildin' and workin'. Keep up the good work."

-Shane Woodson