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Liberty's optional Anchoring Kit
Liberty's optional Anchoring Kit
  • The most important security accessory you can buy!
  • Designed to lag bolt any safe to a cement or wood floor, the anchoring kit increases the security of the safe from theft, prying and tipping over when the door is opened. It also prevents a thief from tipping over the safe because they were mad you bought a safe.
  • Additional tools and labor are required for proper installation. Peal back fabric or lift floor on both left and right sides to reveal bolt covers and access to pallet bolts (The same holes we use to bolt the safe to the wood pallet are the same holes used to lag bolt safe to the floor).
  • Includes 2 bolts for wood and 2 bolts for cement.

No matter what size of safe you buy, Liberty always recommends you anchor your safe to the floor.